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. the next offensive play and cooper scores on the 63-yarder. it is 21-3 eagles. jennings will have a tackle and score. mcfaden was out with a hamstring injury. back at work were the eagles. 28-10 eagles. they score on their first 3 possessions. jackson wide open for 46 yards. he played at cal. it just got worse for the raiders. riley again. 7th touchdown pass. raiders lose 49-20. they drop to 3 and 5. the coach is left answering questions. >> obviously i am very disappointed in the way we played. i have to do a better job of making sure our team is emotionally, mentally, physically prepared. we didn't hold up our end of the bargain. >> reporter: how is your knee? >> good. they will look at it tomorrow. nothing is wobbly. >> they took him out. he should be good to go. the raiders as i mentioned drop to 3 and 5. the story of this nfl season is the chiefs. they are 9 and 0 with smith tied at 13 in the 4th with the bills. their defense creates their 2nd touchdown of the game. defense had two. tom will scoop it up and rumble in. they gave up 470 yards. but they win 23-13. >>> golf in san francis
. if they can beat the eagles they would be at 4-4 at the halfway mark for only the third time in the past decade. terrelle pryor getting better and better. sunday the ohio state product faces the coach he turned down. chip kelly was at oregon before taking over the philadelphia eagles and pryor would have been a duck in college if not for location. >> the distance, oregon is just pretty far. my mother likes to come and watch me play. obviously i couldn't afford to have her transportation or her flights and stuff to get out there. >> friday night football and usc at oregon state. he is back from a knee injure tree and the beavers didn't know that because they decided not to cover him with anybody. a 7-0 trojans. he is a beast. right about here! get off me. usc wins it 31-14 and 3-4 under their interim head coach. warriors with the night off and back home tomorrow night against their former assistant , michael malone. the nets are hosting miami and darrin williams is coast to coast here. a sweet reverse lay up. nets by 11 after 3. he would come back with a barrage of 3's. dwyane wade and t
on the door after had-4 record this deep into the season when they host the eagles sub. speaking of oakland, the west division champs there made it official. they picked up cococrisp, crisp entered a career high 22 home runs, 21 steals. >>> show case around two of the champions tour, that is fred couples and this is fred couples working the putter. money at the 10th. two strokes cheer of the field, sharks rookie called the nfl rookie of the month, 8 goals in 13 games in the months of october. boil is likely expected back to the scene tomorrow. who is king of council? goes 29th yards, second of two touchdowns in the first quarter before leaving with an elbow injury. the lions winning 41-22. >> wow. >> and i got more high school football at 1 # 1. >> i love it, it's so much fun. >> see you at 11. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, (exclaiming) (school bell ringing) (barney belches) (whistle blows) (yells)
at the quarterback for eagles against the raiders sunday in place of the injured michael vick. >> gary: the head of officiating says the nfl's competition committee likely will review the league's taunting rule this offseason and that touchdowns that draw taunting penalties might be taken away >> gary: on monday night seahawks receiver golden tate received critcism for his taunting on this 80-yard touchdown catch seahawks head coach pete carroll has already said he is 100-percent against such already exists in college football the san jose earthquakes signed interim coach mark team moving forward. >> gary: he is a good guy. haazig monument. haazig money alone if you have anything negative to say you get tweet us all at kron4 (laughter) >> gary: i had to walk away game raiders because he was not planningery well. playing. >> gary: if you feel like killing someone on your job please step away. >> gary: the touchdown could be taken away so here you go if you want to do the old joke it is a n f l stands for the no fun lying. that seemed pretty harmless >> catherine: that seems pretty harmless avo: a
and a lot of plays to be had. >> eagles reeling so this would be great if the raiders could finish the first half of the season 4-4. >> remarkable. >> thanks. >> that's this edition of abc - hmm. shirley, did you ever date roger ebert? - excuse me? - nothing. britta, did you ever take pictures of your feet and post them on the internet for money? - sha-ha! no. - guys, this history final is going to be killer.
against the philadelphia eagles? that is today. we're going to recap last night in a jiffy. the warriors were in and the move for home cook. ,,,, on my right is the new dodge durango with up to 360 horsepower. on my left is one horse with one horsepower. that makes you feel pretty dumb doesn't it? [ laughs ] this is literally 360 times more powerful than you. look at you. you're worthless. there you have it -- 360 times better than a horse. staring contest -- go. i win. ♪ female narrator: the mattress price wars are ending soon the mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train. we've challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . >>> good morning, everybody. set your clocks back, huh? huh? let's cover last night. and i w
for the eagles against the raiders sunday in place of the injured >> jacqueline: why haven't you been on the soup, yet? >> gary: i love the soup! people o in our audience is goig...whay what? >> gary: the head of officiating says the nfl's competition committee likely will review the league's taunting rule this offseason and that touchdowns that draw taunting penalties might be taken away on monday night seahawks receiver golden tate received critcism for his taunting on this 80-yard touchdown catch seahawks head coach pete carroll has already said he is 100-percent against such a rule change the rule football >> we worked our butts off. so it is cleared for us to win for s hard as we work. >> gary: he felt so full of anchor when he walked away from football. he signed a $23 million contract skidded $600,000 over six months to satisfy a request from france and he began to sour over the game. rolando mclean. he felt like one that killing someone. enjoy your dinner and we will be back female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta
philadelphia eagles game time 1:05. partly cloudy to mostly sunny that time of the day. temperatures in the low to mid 60's during the game. so overnight tonight bay area mostly clear skies. cool and low pressure in the mid upper 40's and then tomorrow high pressure upped mainly sunny skies with few thin high clouds. reach into the low to mid 60's on the coast. upper 60's near 70 writ around the bay and low 70's milder inland locations. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. first don't get forget to set the clock back saturday night or sunday morning falling back to standard time. high pressure in the upper 60's inland on sunday. mid 60's around the bay. milder and if tuesday wednesday cool down again on thursday and on friday chance of rain in quite some time and we really need it. extremely dry across the state and certainly in the bay area as well. >> maybe late next week. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> still to come 7 news at 9:0 9:00. world largest snack maker mixing tweet with the salt that [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up, you gotta reel it up now,b
and it will play the eagles next week. that should be a another pretty good game. >> 49ers and jaguars squaring off in london this weekend. colin kaepernick made the most of his trip across the pond and the most of the hapless jaguars. kaepernick threw for 164 yards and one touchdown, and ran for 54 yards and two touchdowns. frank gore also ran for two scores. the 49ers improved to 6-2 with the 42-10 over jacksonville, their fifth in a row, while the jaguars remained winless at 0-8. it was the eighth regular- season nfl game at wembley stadium, the home of england's national soccer team, and the second this year. >> jonny gomes wasn't supposed to be in the boston red sox' starting lineup for game 4 of the world series. but an injury to shane victorino allowed gomes to provide the biggest hit as the sox tied the fall classic at two games apiece. gomes blasted a tiebreaking, three-run homer in the sixth inning to lead boston to a 4-2 triumph over the cardinals in st. louis. koji uehara worked a scoreless ninth and ended the game by picking off pinch-runner kolten wong at first base. game 5 is monday
they matched eagles and three birdies. mcilroy caught woods with a birdie on the 14th, and pulled ahead on the 17th beating tiger by one shot for the win mcilroy pocketed $1.5 million e.a. sports announced today it was ending its 15-year relationship with woods. tiger is the namesake for the "tiger woods pga tour" video game series. warriors open the regular season wednesday at oracle arena against the lakers. steph curry says he's ready to go. . it is a great opportunity. we're getting our minds clear. so i look forward to getting out on the right foot >> and he also loves living in oakland [laughter] >> when we return/have you seen the television show shark tank?mark mcubans vehicle allows enterpurners to come on an pitch their idea.if successful.they reieved money to start their byusiness.a bysiness that has helped shane talbott hit the jack pot.shane joins us next. >> catherine: that is a difficult thing to do. >>gary: shane.. will join us, next. ♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at kp.
>> jacqueline: the raiders can get to.500 4-4 sunday at home against >> gary: the eagles who will likely not have michael vick at quarterback their 21-18 win over the steelers was of course sparked by terrelle pryor's record- breaking 93-yard touchdown run but the team has also benefitted from an opportunistic defense they picked ben roethlisberger off twice in the 4th quarter sunday many of the raiders top defenders are on one-year contracts and want to show they belong gardner out for season >> feel great, phil breakers. nine days away pressure facility we feel in the fluid in the comfort of your own bed and children. >> catherine: now. he was descanting english food. " maybe? dissing >> catherine: facebook or mobile act. what are you doing it now? >> gary: because i want to be a good boy you can stay connected any time at kron 4. >> catherine: i agree. >> gary: do you know who this man is? >> gary: the great blue heavens. lou >>singing >> gary: he is one of the most popular sinkers all round. he will do he will handle all of the branding on this program. think of something else lou. >
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11